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Tesa 54657 Szürke jelölő korong (Átmérő=30 mm)

Cikkszám: 54657 Szürke Jelölő30
Gyártó: Tesa »
Kiszerelés: 4000 db
Súly: 1.5 kg
Készlet: 34 db raktáron
Szállítási idő: 5-7 munkanap!
30 480 Ft
Nettó: 24 000 Ft +áfa
30 480 Ft / 4000 db


Rövid ismertető: Product description tesa® 54657 combines a flexible premium cloth layer with a temperature resistant natural rubber adhesive. This product is optimized for the automotive industry to securely cover holes that require excellent sealing properties in combination with very good conformability and temperature resistance. Main features: Excellent temperature resistance up to 180°C Superb conformability to complex geometries Low VOC according to VDA 278 analysis Secure adhesion to almost any substrates Good paint and UBC (PVC) compatibility Good resistance to chemicals Good mechanical properties with respect to abrasion, puncture, and aging resistance Repositionable


Main applications:

tesa® 54657 is suitable for different hole covering applications along the automotive production process.

Example applications are:

  • After e-coat where a good compatibility to UBC (PVC) and sealant is required, e.g. car body platform, wheel houses, engine compartment
  • Before paint shop where good paint compatibility is essential
  • At the assembly line for interior hole covering on all car body areas, e.g. pillars, rocker, front/rear floor

To ensure the highest performance possible, our aim is to fully understand your application (including the substrates involved) in order to provide the right product recommendation.

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